Tuesday, August 31, 2010

almost 30 weeksss!

29 weeks 3 days!

Definitely getting there. :) I cant believe how quick this pregnancy has been though. Its nutss! My Best Friend just had her baby on Friday. Makes me ready for her now, but I'm glad I still have a few more months to get ready for Peyton's arrival. :) I ordered her carseat the other day, I did tonsss of research & am verrryy happy with what we picked. We got the Safety First OnBoard 35air. The pink one of course. I LOVE IT! & am super excited to get it. Should be here within the next week or so. Still need to order an extra base for Eric's car.

I feel like I have sooo much stuff to do/buy. But Eric is off for 2 weeks in Sep/Oct and we will be getting a lot done then... starting with the baby room. :) I cant waittt to get it painted.

KayleeBug is doing AMAZINGG!! It blows my mind how much she talks and communicates now. She knows most of her shapes and recognizes numbers 1-8. We are going to start on colors soon. She can say pretty much anything that I ask her too, and talks in short 3-4 word sentences now. :) I loooove that she can tell me when something hurts now instead of just guessing. lol. & She just has such a personality now. I love her soooo much, gosh I could talk about her all day. lol. Shes seriously my wholeee world. :) OH & ... I think shes finally understanding that there is a baby coming. :) Of course she wont totally understand until shes here, but... its definitely an improvement. I just cant waittt to have 2 little girls running around the house. :)

I picked out what Kaylee is going to be for Halloween. :) A bumble bee. I figured this will be the last year that ill get to pick for her, so i picked one that i thought was sooo cute. :) We took Kaylee to the fair last weekend, she LOVED it. She rode the Merry Go Round (her favorite), slid down the biggg slide with daddy, and rode the boats all by herself. :) & of course ate her first fair corndog. (Mommys favoritee.) lol.
Seen who they picked for DWTS this year. Not too thrilled with some of the choices... The guy from Jersey Shore, Sarah Palins Daughter, Brandy, David Hasslehough (sp), Audrina from the Hills?!!, idk.. these arent celebrities, just has beens, reality stars, or people in the media for Drama. Oh well, ill still watch. :) haha.
Well, until next timeee. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

update on everything. :D

Well, I am now 25 weeks 2 days pregnant. It is seriously flyingg by! :) But I have SOO much to do before the baby comes. Our bedding came in last week.

It is adorableee!! :) I went out this weekend to babies r us and got lots of the accsesories that go with it. i found a coupon for 20% off bedding accesories, but that made me super excited. :) all i need now is the hamper, mobile, & rug.

i also found the CUTEST book ever for Kaylee. Its about being a big sister. I have been looking high and low for a good big sister/little sister book.... and i finallyyyy found one!! :) Brooke Sheilds wrote it and the illistrations are so cute too. I'm going to give it to her the day Peyton is born, along with a few other things. a big sister shirt for sure and something else... just not sure what yet. deffinitly recomend it to anyone with daughters. :)

Kaylee is doing soooooo good. :) She is talking a mile a minute and amazes me with how much she can say and understand now. Shes finally understanding (a little bit anyways) that there is a baby in my belly. My Nana just moved back from Texas so as soon as she gets settled in her house, no more daycare for Bug!! :) I am so excited. Not sure how much longer I will be able to work. Hoping to make it til atleast October, but I have been getting sevearly dizzy laitly, and my feet are already starting to swell so bad. my next appointment is August 16th, so i will talk with him about all of my concerns then.

Eric and I are doing great of course. :) He just started working 9 hour days (2nd shift) and some saturdays... :( makes me upset just thinking about it. but we'll get through it. we hardly ever get to see eachother much anymore... but only for a few more months.

Well, until next time. :)

OH &&.. I found the cutest shirt for Halloween. :)

I love it. haha. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing the Thompson Bugs. :]

This is going to be our Family Blog. :) To post pictures, videos, updates, product reviews, etc. for our Family, Friends, & other Blog Moms.

I'm Amanda & I am married to an amazing guy, Eric. He is the best Daddy & Husband in the wholee world. We started dating July 1, 2006 and we got married October 23, 2007. We live in Shepherdsville, KY. A little town right outside of Louisville. He works for Brown Forman making Whiskey Barrels and I work at a Daycare. We are HUGE cards fans, and we love being parents. We have been through A LOT together but nothing can bring us down. ♥

In May of 07' We lost our first born, Noah Bradley. He was stillborn due to a rare genetic disease called Ostiogentisis Imperfecta type 2. Which is basically the deadly form of Brittle Bone. I still think about him everyday, and at the time I thought our life was over. But, I now know that everything truley does happen for a reason. He tought us SO much and changed our whole life and the way we see things. Because of him, we decided to get married and plan our next baby. & I know he is up in heaven watching over all of us. :)

We now have a beautiful baby girl, Kaylee. (Most of the time I call her KayleeBug. Hints the Blog name.) She just turned two and was born June 2nd, 2008. Just hitting her 'Terrible Twos' lol. Right now we are venturing into the world of potty training. She is doing SO well. She amazes me more and more everyday. She is so funny and is such a little comedian, She is super friendly and loves everyone she meets. She is such a good toddler, just a little hyper. She loves to run & play and is soooo smart and talks up a storm. She loves swimming, playing outside, going to Gymnastics class, coloring, watching her favorite show Ni-Hao Kai-Lan, playing with her 'Babies', going shopping with Mommy, (She loves new shoes, haha.) and singing. She truley is a blessing and I am SO proud to be her Mommy.

We are also expecting another little one in November, & ITS A GIRL! Peyton Lily Thompson, She is expected to arrive sometime around early to mid November. :) Right now I am 23 weeks 1 day. Eric felt her kick for the first time last night. ♥ She is doing great and is right on track with everything. This pregnancy has gone by SO fast, I feel like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. I guess it helps when you have a toddler running around. We only have about 4 months left and we have SO much to do. Cant wait to start on the new baby room. We are SO SO excited but I'm still having trouble believing that by Christmas we will have a 2.5 year old and a newborn. ITS CRAZY! We're deffinitly going to have our hands full, but it will be worth it. :)

We also have a cute little dog named Spanky. Who we LOVE. He is part of our family and is the sweetest dog in the WHOLE world. We just bought our first home in March of 08' and things have never been better, we are so happy. I love my life.

Well, Thanks for reading.
Until next time. ♥